Children Dentistry Near Chelsea

We provide holistic dental treatment and care solutions for children and adolescents in Keys To Smile. During their phases of growth, we acknowledge the advantages of children's good oral health and provide treatment solutions that ensure the best possible oral health. 


Children require particular dental care as they undergo different teeth development stages, starting with their baby teeth to permanent adult teeth. Children who receive adequate dental care during primary and permanent teeth growth stages encourages optimal oral health throughout childhood to adulthood. 


Our child dentist in Chelsea provides people of all ages compassionate and gentle dental care. We like to see kids start to learn about their oral health. Your child will gradually get accustomed to our dental care sessions and become friendly with our staff, ensuring happy and healthy smiles throughout. 


We offer the following dental care solutions for children: 

  1. Screening and Check-Ups 

  2. Emergency Dental Care 

  3. Teeth Cleaning and Fluoride Treatment 

  4. Mouth-Guards 

  5. Growth monitoring 

  6. Orthodontic assessment 

  7. Oral health education 

  8. Fissure Sealants 

  9. Fillings

  10. Extractions

  11. Pulpotomy / Pulpectomies

  12. Space maintenance

  13. Stainless steel crowns

  14. Sports Mouth-Guards 

What age should I take my child to the dentist?


You can ensure your child’s future health by checking your child’s teeth and instructing them on oral hygiene habits. We suggest bringing your child to the dentist to check their first teeth, usually from the age of 6 months.  Their teeth, gums, and bite will be assessed during the appointment. Our dentists educate children with brushing, flossing and healthy eating habits.


Customized treatment plans

We offer customized treatments and solutions based on children’s growth. Once the child begins to develop their permanent teeth at the age of 6 years, the growth is monitored and orthodontic treatment options are available to address their teeth malalignment. We offer custom made mouth guards, especially for children who play contact sports, to protect their teeth. Many adolescents fight tooth degradation because they consume acidic and sucrose sports drinks. We educate young people to follow the advice of the Australian Dental Association on dental health. 


Call us for your child’s dental appointment! 


Good oral health is essential for your child's healthy and active growth and development. For your child’s teeth examination, call us today on 03-7034-7150. An appointment can also be scheduled online. Our child dentists in Chelsea are sure to offer you effective solutions for your child’s dental needs.  


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