Essix Retainers

  •  Essix retainers are a type of orthodontic retention device used to protect the results of your braces or clear aligner treatment. They are a set of clear, removable plastic retainers, and you will wear them regularly following your treatment.
  •  Essix retainers are removable and made of clear materials that may offer an “invisible” look.

Essix retainers are unique in their low-profile appearance. They’re constructed entirely of transparent plastic with no metal wires and are removable for meals and brushing. We make customised Essix retainers using your dental scans.

How Long to Wear Your Retainer?

If you’re using a retainer after having Invisalign go, it is recommended to always wear it for the first three months and at night time afterwards. Retainers can be removed only while eating and drinking anything apart from water for the first 3 months followed by night time wear only.

While these general rules can be a helpful guide, it’s important to keep in mind that they do not replace your dental professional's insight. Only they know your specific dental history and needs, so you should contact them if you have questions regarding how often or for how long you should wear your retainer.

Essix Retainer Care Instructions

Living with an Essix retainer, you should continue your normal dental care routine of brushing twice a day and cleaning between your teeth once a day. As these retainers can increase your risk of plaque, it’s essential to practice proper oral hygiene to avoid cavities and gum disease.

If you have trouble getting into the habit of wearing or caring for your retainer, remember that any habit will get easier to keep up once you’ve maintained it for a while. You’re in a great position, so it’s wise not to undo all the hard work you’ve done with aligners or braces. Be sure to always carry your case with you and consider writing notes or reminders to best set yourself up for success.

Steps to care for your Essix retainer may include:
  • Rinse it in cold water before and after each use
  • Store it safely in case when not in use
  • Avoid overly hot or cold environments or water that could damage it
  • Brush and rinse your retainer after each meal, but be sure to use a non-abrasive toothpaste

With an Essix retainer, you’ve paved the way for healthy teeth and a beautiful look by correcting your teeth and bite. Many find these unique retainers to smile confidently and avoid any self-conscious concerns around their appearance. You’ve done a great job by informing yourself of the ups and downs of Essix retainers.