Tooth Removal

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Although your teeth can last for a lifetime with proper maintenance, still you might face situations when tooth removal is the only option. This procedure of tooth removal in Keysborough is quite simple, but it might get a bit complex in some cases.

Read on for details about tooth removal in Keysborough -

What is the process of tooth removal?

The first step of the tooth removal process involves consultation with your dental expert. During this consultation, the expert with note down your medical history and understand your existing health conditions and medications. Also, they might recommend an X-ray during the examination. During this consultation, your dental expert will also provide you with all the information about tooth removal in Keysborough.

After completing the consultation, your dentist will determine the suitable method for removing your tooth. Here are the types of methods which are commonly used by dental experts-

  • Simple tooth removal -

This is a commonly used method for tooth removal in Keysborough. This method involves the removal of visible teeth. Here, the dentist will use local anaesthesia and extract the tooth in one piece with the help of forceps.

  • Sectional tooth removal -

Sectional tooth removal is a method used for extracting teeth with multiple roots. Your dentist will have to separate the roots and then extract the tooth.

  • Surgical tooth removal -

This method involves removing the tooth which is not visible. This method is comparatively complex as the surgeon needs to make an incision in the patient’s gums for extracting the tooth.

After completing tooth removal, the dentist will keep gauze on the site to stop profuse bleeding. This gauze is kept on the site for absorbing the blood till clot formation.

Why do you need tooth removal treatment in Keysborough?

Here are some common issues which might make tooth removal mandatory-

  • Tooth Decay -

A tooth which is damaged or decayed beyond repair needs to be removed. This procedure is carried out only when the dental expert determines that there is no alternative restoration treatment for saving the natural tooth.

  • Dental infection -

Tooth removal is recommended by dentists if the dental infection spreads beyond repair.

  • Non-functional tooth -

A dentist might suggest the removal of a tooth if it is aligned improperly. This procedure might be carried out as a precaution to prevent potential oral health hazards.

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