Sedation Dentistry

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Do you delay visits to a dental clinic only because you are too afraid of stepping into the dentist's cabin? If yes, then you are not alone. This fear and anxiety are much common and they can leave patients terrified. However, this can also lead to worsening dental problems due to delay. Hence, it is important to know that some small issues might escalate if they are untreated. So, for patients who struggle with an intense fear of dental treatments, sedation dentistry can be an effective solution.
What is Sedation Dentistry?
In sedation dentistry, the experts utilise oral, inhalation or IV medication for helping patients to relax during dental treatments. It is administered by a well- qualified and experienced dental sedation expert who will determine your fitness for sedation dentistry before administration.
What happens during sedation dentistry?
While a patient is under sedation dentistry, he/she is conscious and can follow the instructions given by the dentist. However, the advantage of sedation dentistry is that the patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during dental treatments and are also saved from their anxiety and fear.
Sedation Dentistry in Keysborough at Keys to Smile -
Expert dentists at Keys to Smile recognise fear of dental treatment is real and they will take care of every patient with patience and compassion. Initially, our dentists will understand your problems, check your medical history, and then suggest comprehensive solutions to provide you with hassle-free and painless dental treatment. They will answer and make you comfortable during the treatment. So, if you visit our clinic, you will surely get a hassle-free and comfortable experience through our gentle and friendly team. Our medical staff as well as non-medical staff is friendly, polite and compassionate. We are dedicated to making our patients comfortable during dental treatments. With sedation dentistry, our experts will help our patients to cope with dental care out of concern. We realise that your fear is real and will work extra hard to reassure and make you comfortable during dental treatments. We also help you to get over your past traumas which you would have faced in the dentist clinic by building a strong relationship. So, schedule an appointment with Keys to Smile now and know more about sedation dentistry services in Keysborough. You can visit our clinic which is equipped with state-of-art equipment and meet one of our expert dental care specialists to get a perfect solution for your dental problems.

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