Root Canal Treatment

Retain your natural tooth for as long as possible

Maintaining good oral hygiene is just as important as eating or sleeping. That is why Keys to Smile offers quality dental care treatments at affordable rates by dental practitioners you can trust. Our dentists provide a wide range of dental care solutions from general check-ups to complex treatments like Root Canal Treatment, Keysborough. This is a common and effective treatment to retain your natural tooth for as long as possible.

What is root canal treatment?

Root Canal Treatment (or Endodontic Treatment) works to preserve your natural tooth when it has become infected from decay or injury. At Keys to Smile, our experienced dentists remove the infected tissue from the tooth root and then reseal the root. If you want to relieve the tooth pain/ toothache or prolong the life of an infected tooth you must seek root canal treatment in Keysborough. This treatment prevents the infection from spreading further and saves you from extracting the tooth.

Our root canal process explained:

We aspire to offer all our patients a long-term solution rather than a quick fix; as a consequence, we have categorised the treatment into three processes. With each process the effectiveness of the treatment is raised. Each process may have one or multiple visits depending on the condition and position of the tooth.

First process- An access hole is created at the top of the tooth to extract infected pulp or tissue from the tooth. After this, the inside of the tooth is cleaned to ensure the infection does not spread. Dentists then seal the tooth with a temporary filling material followed by sealing the access hole.

Second process - Our dentist will now remove the temporary filling and replace it with a biocompatible filling material. A custom-made crown is fitted to the tooth; usually, this crown is temporary.

Third process- A permanent crown is fitted at this stage; the dentist recommends going through each process of the root canal treatment in Keysborough.

Local anaesthesia is always used during the process; moreover, our team utilizes a rubber dental dam to isolate the tooth for better results.

Benefits of having your root canal treatment done at Keys to Smile:
  • Dental care solutions are offered by the finest dentists who are qualified and well-equipped to tend to your teeth.
  • Thorough assessment of your teeth before treatment; our team will also go through to your medical history.
  • An emergency root canal treatment is provided by our team as required.
  • Advanced techniques and tools utilized to customize a most fitting solution to your dental concerns.
  • Affordable dental care.

The natural appearance of your teeth is restored, gum shape is maintained, and your original biting force and chewing ability remains intact when you seek root canal treatment in Keysborough. Don’t delay, visit Keys to Smile and get your original teeth restored with our proficient dental treatment.

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