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Your Key to Sustained Dental Wellbeing

We are the trusted dentist in Chelsea Heights, and offer a wide range of oral care solutions for the entire family including all age groups. Our team of experienced dentists are committed to provide personalised care for every patient, in a gentle and friendly manner. All the team members at Keys to Smile come together to create a pleasant and safe dental care experience for all.

We offer a Holistic Approach to Dental Care

Our approach starts with a detailed consultation and diagnosis, which takes into consideration multiple factors such as diet, lifestyle and other health conditions to get to the root cause of the concern. We believe in the adage that prevention is better than cure, and encourage our patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that dental health can have an impact on overall health, and are very mindful about the dental interventions we suggest.

You can expect the Most Advanced Dental Treatments

Our continued focus on staying at par with the new developments in dentistry ensure that our Chelsea Heights dentists and our clinics are equipped with the latest knowledge and technology essential to provide the best standards of care. We currently have onsite capabilities for 2D OPG, 3D CBCT, digital intra-oral scanner and a soft tissue laser, and we are always looking to upgrade as and when needed. This essentially means that any patient who walks in to Keys To Smile will be assured of exceptional levels of advanced care.

Patient Comfort is our Top Priority

While providing top quality dental treatments is our priority, patient comfort is as important for an anxiety-free experience. Be it toddlers or adults, we come across many patients who are fearful about sitting in the dentist’s chair, and our foremost attention is to ensure that our patients are calm and worry-free about their procedure or treatment before we even get started. This entails us spending the time to explain about the need, pros and cons of each procedure or treatment in detail, which empowers them to make informed choices.

In keeping with this, we also have a weekend dentist available in our Chelsea Heights Dental Clinic, for those busy patients who cannot make it during weekdays.

We accept Multiple Payment Plans

We really believe that quality dental care should be accessible for everyone, irrespective of who they

are. We are a proud partner of, and are preferred providers for  NIB First Choice and HCF. Apart from this, we also accept Medicare CDBS bulk billing for all eligible children from 2 – 17 years and accept VGDS(Victorian General Dental Scheme and VEDS (Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme). We also accept Veteran affairs. 

If you are looking for reliable and patient-friendly dental care, we invite you to reach out to us.

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